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Metal mesh demister


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What's the metal mesh demister

Metal mesh demister also known as wire mesh demister, is a kind of vapor liquid separating device.It is made up of many corrugated gas liquid filter net,a grid and a fixed distance rod .It is most often used to separate liquid drop with diameter of more than 3-5 μm in the separation tower. It can ensure the mass transfer efficiency,reduce the loss of valuable materials after operation of compressor, commonly setted in the top of device.

Advantages at a glance

+ - Proven quality worldwide for all established applications over several decades.
+ - Available at short notice thanks to our high capacity in China.
+ - Meets all standard safety tests and impresses with its unbeatable quality.
+ -100% Made by ourselves.
+ - Internal and external quality control.
+ - Unequalled high compression strength, significantly exceeding the state-of-the-art.
+ - Excellent wear resistance, longer service life.
+ - Improve productivity due to less shutdown time for maintenance.
+ - 20 years experience on producing metal mesh demister.
+ - We accept third party inspection as BV,SGS, ISO9001 etc.

Fields of application

Metal mesh demister can be used in gas-liquid separation in chemical, petroleum, sulfate, medicine, light industry, metallurgy, machine, building, construction, aviation, shipping and environment protection.

Physical & chemical properties

Metal mesh demister can produce according to client's drawings and requirements.

Package information

Package information
Package Weight
Pallet 2000kg / 4400 lb
Wood case 2000kg / 4400 lb

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